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People always feel safe at home - or they should anyway. Home is where we live with our loved ones. Our belongings are there, our pets live there with us, our friends visit us there. You get the picture.

Did you know that your front door probably has substandard locks on it?
Most residential door locks are from the "home improvement" batch of locks that can be easily picked in seconds using simple, readily available tools. What can you do about it?

When you call Clearwater Beach Locksmith, ask us about our high security locks for your home. They are not expensive and they can make your home the safe haven it should be. We can also do a no-obligation home security and safety assessment to pinpoint potential vulnerable areas.

We are also available for emergency lockout services and interior rekey jobs throughout your house. If a key or a lock is involved, we can fix it or improve it.

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Residential Locksmith Service - Clearwater Beach Locksmith

Why do most people call a residential locksmith? Getting locked out of the house comes to mind. In fact, there are many other good reasons to call us to your home:

A) Make your home safer

Our expert, highly trained locksmiths can perform a safety and security check at your home and pinpoint vulnerable areas where improvements can be made using the latest advances and high security locks.

B) Make needed changes

If you have gone through a divorce or relationship change, you really should make some lock and key changes. If you have had roommates or grown children leave the nest, the same applies.

Have you recently moved to a different home or condo? You have no idea how many keys to your new place are "out there" in circulation.

In addition, we can add locks to, or rekey bathroom doors, bedroom doors and windows. We can improve garage doors and mail boxes. Even Fido can have a lock on the pet door!

C) Repair to Damaged areas

If there has been an attempt to break into your home, there may be damage to your locking mechanisms. We can usually repair this damage. Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace the lock altogether. Regardless, our work is guaranteed and all products are warrantied.

D) Add extra security to your home

You always have the option to add extra security measures like closed circuit television or even mobile phone surveillance systems. That's right - you can even watch over your house, both inside and out, from your smart phone, tablet or any other mobile device.

At Clearwater Beach Locksmith, our residential services are based on the latest technology blended with our years of experience. You can feel good about having our locksmith technicians come to your home - all have been security cleared for your safety and peace of mind.

All prices are discussed openly - we are not into hidden fees and small print. That's not how long-term client relationships are built. Our goal is your total satisfaction with our services. If you are happy with us, you will tell others and that is how we have grown to the size of company we are today.

Where do you start with all these options? Begin by calling our number and speaking to our expert staff. We offer friendly, no obligation advice on how to best use our residential services. Here's our number again:

(727) 498-4522


Call now: (727) 498-4522


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